How to set resolution in 8.10 (intrepid)?

Rashkae ubuntu at
Fri Jan 16 17:48:18 UTC 2009

Chris G wrote:
> I have just installed xubuntu 8.10 using a TV (via a VGA D-sub
> connector) whose resolution is "full HD", i.e. 1920×1080.
> How do I get xubuntu to use this resolution?  The Disply applet in the
> Settings Manager only shows Default and some very low resolutions up
> to 800x600.
> The display card is an Nvidia one which seems to have been detected
> correctly by the xubuntu installation.

To start, have you tried installing the Nvidia binary / proprietary
driver?  It doesn't get used by default.

Check your Administration Menu for something like "Hardware Devices",,
it should list hardware that Ubuntu has detected that has proprietary
drivers available (like Nvidia video card) and you can enable/install
them with a check of the check mark.

If the system still fails to detect the desired resolution, you can try
using the xrandr command to force the issue.

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