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Fri Jan 16 17:11:13 UTC 2009

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> Subject: Re: Finding executable files
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> Date: Friday, January 16, 2009, 7:23 AM
> On Thu, 15 Jan 2009, Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> > ...
> > many of the files/packages you list in your output are
> not
> > the file in question but packages of some sort that
> only
> > contain the name of the package in question, not the
> file
> > itself.
>    Hi Leonard,
>    I still disagree on that:
>       If I need the file (executable) gnuclient.xemacs21
>       apt-file gives me the name of the package
> (xemacs21-bin)
>       which contains it.
Your right to disagree is a given but try to understand what
I was pointing out.  I realize the the apt-cache search output
gave and executable bin file but it also gave some files that
were not executable and did not contain the file itself. Those
were compressed files as I recall containing a document file,
as I remember, which usually has only info on the executable.
A nooby type would need to know the difference in order to
use the files listed correctly.  Those files wouldn't run the
executable file if they were installed but maybe tell how to
run the executable in the bin file. I think it's also a buggy
situation when "apt-cache search" and "aptitude search" give 
differing output. This also applies to apt-file which seem to
be more powerful the wajig whichpkg but I've never visited the
home site that's supposed to have more details on the use of
wajig. I think they're all buggy in that they give differing
output using the same options but that's just my opinion and
I'm certainly no expert. YMMV and it's your right.

> > There is probably more detail on the wajig home site:
> >
>     I didn't see there more information for this
> problem
Can't argue that as I've never visited the site. I've only
seen a reference to it saying that there was more details
on using wajig. 

> > someone  should file a bug against wajig whichpkg as
> it doesn't show anything.
>    I'll do that ASAP.
That's great that you are doing it.

> > My past experienced with wajig whichpkg was much
> better allowing me
> > to install the correct package contained the file I
> had no idea
> > what to install to get it.  It apparently is broken in
> the current
> > wajig.
>    I tried on my virtual HARDY host ==> same result...
And I have no idea of what you are referring to.

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