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On Jan 15, 2009, at 12:18 AM, Ted Hilts wrote:

> Now, when it comes to real backup operations that's another kettle of
> fish that I have to work on.  I don't know if the "Ubuntu" central
> repository or archive can co-exist with normal types of backup
> operations such as those that "backuppc" would  engage in. If it  
> cannot
> then it simply gets left out of the overall backup scheme and is
> separately handled.  This backup scheme I want to set up (this other
> kettle of fish) has to backup all machines both Windows and Linux
> machines so they can be easily and quikly restored on the same disk or
> on a new disk or on a bigger disk.  So far I have one concern when  
> using
> "dd" to build an image of a partition or of a whole disk. Will it work
> the same on Windows machines as it does on Linux machines and also I
> read somewhere that "dd" won't automatically rebuild partitions when
> doing a restore.  Maybe I misunderstood what I was reading but it  
> seemed
> that the idea was when restoring a disk to first manually build the
> partitions and file system and then using "dd" apply the data in the
> file created by "dd" for restoration.  So I am really confused on this
> issue.

With regards to dd, there is a port available for Windows.  Again,  
'dd' does a
bit-for-bit copy of what is on a drive.  So, yes, partitions will be  
restored, etc.
What you were probably referring to is that it only really works to  
restore to a drive that is the same size and geometry.  So, maybe not  
your best option unless you have some spare drives that are the same  
as the ones you have in that box.

I would suggest researching options as far as software backup  
solutions go.  If you're just looking to gather your files in to  
compressed packages, then dumping them off to other media (CD/DVD/ 
External HDD, etc.) you might be able to get away with tar and gzip or  
bzip2.  I assume most of your news files are just text, so you should  
be able to get pretty good compression on them.  You wouldn't be able  
to do a bare-metal restore with them, but at least the data would be  
> Thanks, Ted
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