SSH hacked?

Kent Borg kentborg at
Thu Jan 15 19:34:15 UTC 2009

Knapp wrote:
> One other point, I have 4 levels of passwords that are unfortunatly
> reused. One is my system password, one is my bankS (My banks are
> really tight and require 2 or 3 passwords to use the system so that is
> good!) password, one is my high security net password and one is my
> low security net password. This is not the best but at least better
> than using one for all as many do.
Ween yourself!

Next time you login to an existing account, change the password and
write the new one down on a piece of paper.  Next time you register for
a new account somewhere, write down that password, too.  Fold up the
paper and put it in your wallet.  Make a photocopy "backup" now and then
and store it away from your wallet.

Slowly you will become safer and safer from all those nasty people on
the net.

Or, for greater security, for protection from not just bad people on the
net (many) but also bad people who might physically find your wallet  or
"backup" copy (fewer), put your list of passwords in an encrypted form. 
(Backup it, too.)

Do others have suggestions for how to best encrypt these collected

-kb, the Kent who uses obsolete hardware as part of his routine.

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