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H.S. hs.samix at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 19:15:35 UTC 2009

Doug Pollard wrote:
> H.S. wrote:
>> Doug Pollard wrote:
>>> HI All,
>>>     I have a dual boot system with xp and ubuntu8.04  running.  I also 
>>> have two usb hard drives with media on them.  I formatted them with 
>>> gparted as fat 32 with the thought that I would be able to read with 
>>> ubuntu and xp.  Xp cannot see either drive. Does any one have any idea 
>>> why Xp can't see the drives.  Xp is using ntfs should it be able to see 
>>> and read fat 32 drives?? 
>>>                                                  Doug
>> Yes, XP should be able to see FAT32 filesystem. BTW, I believe XP comes
>> with USB drivers built in, correct?
>> When you used gparted, you partitioned the drives as fat32. But did you
>> also create filesystems on them? Did you save any data on them from Ubuntu?
>> ->HS
> The drives are formated by Gparted and are labeled Media. I guess this 
> means I created a file partition? There are ubuntu Pictures, other files 
> and video on one drive.   The second drive is empty.   If I knew how, I 
> would divide the empty  hard drive to save ubuntu back up and xp back up 
> in another partition .
> I hope this answeres your question??
>                 Doug

The first drive then should have a file system. Not sure why you cannot
see this in XP. The other drive may or may, I cannot tell from the above.

Can you do one more thing? Boot into Ubuntu, connect both the drives and
then in a terminal give the command:
$> mount

and paste the output here while noting which lines in the output are for
the usb drives (they should start with /dev/sdxn) where x is a,b,c...z
and n is 1,2...



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