SSH hacked?

mouss mouss at
Tue Jan 13 22:44:52 UTC 2009

Ioannis Vranos a écrit :
>  From something I had red in the past, I think a pretty easy way to 
> produce and remember relatively strong passwords, is by using the first 
> letter of every word of a phrase or a poem or something else you 
> remember, or the first two letters of every such word, or the first 
> three letters of every such word.

you can also replace few letters with digits or special chars ('a' with
'@', 'i' with '1', e with '3', ... etc). so "ubuntu hardy" could become
Ub4n1uH at r6y.

but when you can use long passwords, just use a full phrase, with
punctuation et al. you can replace few chars with digits or special
chars to make it "stronger". The advantage is that we can type a phrase
faster than a random (unpronouncable) sequence of characters.

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