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> Date: Tuesday, January 13, 2009, 4:12 AM
> On Mon, 12 Jan 2009, NoOp wrote:
> > A Gnome GUI command 'gjig' is also included in
> the package. And is
> > pretty interesting...
>    but unable to find available packages, as wajig itself! 
> Example:
>      wajig whichpkg esmtp
>        gives nothing, unlike
>      apt-file search esmtp
>        which gives me all the available packages (installed
> or not) containing
>        a file named *esmtp*
Ok. I couldn't get wajig whichpkg esmtp to output what apt-cache search esmtp did. However, that's because they are doing different things. The search command is looking for any path that has the characters esmtp in it and whichpkg is *looking for any package which has the file esmtp in it* which is totally different outputs. I think whichpkg's output of nothing shown is correct as there is no package which contains the file esmtp except the file itself.  Esmtp is the file and no other package contains the file esmtp within it.  Make sense?
What I do find strange is that aptitude search and apt-cache search does not output identical results.  There are some packages common to both outputs and there are others outputted that doesn't appear in both command results. I certainly thought the output of each should be the same.
You should also install "fping" with wajig. Wajig didn't output any error on this but gjig did.  Apparently it's needed for gjig. Hope this clears up things a bit.
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