SSH hacked?

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Tue Jan 13 13:14:40 UTC 2009

Rashkae wrote:
> Beau J. Bechdol wrote:
>> I don't believe it is a silly practice, it is a good idea in my opinion.
>> Another thing to consider would to setup port forwarding on the router so
>> for example, when someone sends a ssh request to port 22, the router will
>> froward it to the port you designated, port 2222 for example.
> Ummm, *anime sweat drop*,, that kinda defeats the purpose.

Just occurred to me that if you keep your system listening to port 22, 
many many NAT routers will allow you to forward whatever port on the WAN 
side to whatever port on the inside...i.e., your system listens to port 
22, internal systems access it on port 22, but set your router so 
Internet connections hit port 2222 and forward to IP 
port you don't need dual-ports listened to.

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