reportbug tries to relay through which does not work

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Tue Jan 13 07:15:11 UTC 2009

John Hawkinson wrote:

> If you shouldn't use reportbug, then reportbug should be replaced
> with a wrapper script that says "don't use reportbug, do <whatever>."
> It's crazy to have an installed tool that claims to report a bug
> if thee's no such thing.

True... warnings have been suggested.  Bug 12626
( says,
"If good old reportbug is not supported as bug reporter, it
should not be in main and it should warn user that he must use
bugzilla."  That was resolved as a duplicate of 7839 and has now
allegedly been fixed by demoting reportbug to main (of course, this does
nothing to stop people from installing and using it).

Other people have suggested removing it entirely ("It might even be best
to not package reportbug for Ubuntu, or at least rename it, since it
does not operate the same way Debian's does.").  That
( three
year old bug is still marked new with no action by devs.

> I have no idea how Ubuntu bugs are really supposed to be handled, and
> if reportbug really is deprecated. But if it is, it had better say so!

Matt Flaschen

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