Not linuxes fault

Doug Pollard dougpol1 at
Tue Jan 13 03:30:22 UTC 2009

NoOp wrote:
> On 01/11/2009 12:54 PM, Doug Pollard wrote:
> [snips]
>>          Here is my solution.  I have now a dual boot system were xp can 
>> be used for a few of the things I have not been able to do in Ubuntu. I 
>> have Ubuntu 8.04 on my second hard drive to do video on and almost 
>> everything else I do.  My solution to things that break from updates or 
>> what ever reason is that I store all my files on an external drive. This 
>> also helps to keep my hard drive from filling up with big numbers of 
>> Gigs of video.  If I break something and can't fix it I just reinstall 
>> Ubuntu and go on with my work.  With updates it takes a couple hours 
>> rather than  a couple days of hunting for help and reading tutorials and 
>> trying and often failing at fixes. 
>>         One of the things I plan to work at is learning to install a tar 
>> package  I have struggled with this several times without any success.   
>> It is not often that it is needed but now and then it would be nice.  
>> The upside to what I am doing is it lets me keep learning  while having 
>> the few programs I have not been able to get up and running in Ubuntu.
>>          Maybe this will help someone else who is struggling to learn 
>> Linux and finding it tough sledding.
>>       Doug
> Bravo to you for taking such steps to do your vido work w/linux/Ubuntu.
> One thing you might look into is (if you have a powerful enough system
> w/plenty of memory) is running the WinXP using VirtualBox or VMWare;
> that way you don't have to reboot/dualboot to run the programs that are
> WinXP essential. You can easily have the WinXP run on a second workspace
> and flip between the two; just be sure to 'Pause' the WinXP when you are
> not using it so that it doesn't eat up your CPU resources.
> Obviously you'd need to test the Wacom etc., in the VM, but if you can
> get them to work there then you should be good to go.
For the time being I have what I need that works and I need to use 
wacom. When I finish up with that I may very well try vmware.  They are 
working on getting Wacom to workbetter in Linux and I will be keeping in 
touch with that.  I also ran into a couple fellows here in Harrisonbirg 
Va.   For what I concider a very modest fee they are going to help me 
get better at working in  the terminal.   With a little luck this may  
make a difference. They seem to think they can help.  A young lady told 
me the one fellow is a pure Geek and has the patience of Joab.   Whe'el 
see,hope she's right.

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