Vlc won't play at normal speed on Intrepid 8.10

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 23:43:05 UTC 2009

Nigel Henry wrote:
> I've got vlc installed on both Ubuntu, and Kubuntu Intrepid 8.10, but it won't 
> play DVD's at normal speed.
> Vlc plays ok on other distro's on this machine, including Kubuntu Hardy.
> When I start Vlc on Intrepid, it plays for about a half second then stops. if 
> I move the bar to move further on in the movie, it plays about a half second 
> of sound, and video, then stops again. At the bottom of the window there is a 
> button to adjust playback speed. If I slow the speed down, the dvd will play 
> in slow-mo, without stalling. At the moment I have it set to 0.47%, but if I 
> increase the playback speed the movie just comes to a stop.
> I've got Kaffeine, and Xine on my Kubuntu Intrepid install, and they play the 
> same dvd's ok, and on the Ubuntu Intrepid install, I have Totem, and Ogle 
> installed, and no problems with the same dvd's there either. It just seems to 
> be a problem with vlc on both Kubuntu, and Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10.
> Anyone any suggestions as to what the problem might be?
> I've never experienced this before, so any suggestions are most gratefully 
> received.
> Nigel.
    I have a DVD running on my laptop 8.10 VLC in fullscreen and living 
color. It is not stopping. So perhaps you have a bad DVD?



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