updatedb running on every boot

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 12 20:18:53 UTC 2009

--- On Mon, 1/12/09, John Hubbard <ender8282 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> From: John Hubbard <ender8282 at yahoo.com>
> Subject: Re: updatedb running on every boot
> To: anthony.rasat at gmail.com, "Ubuntu user technical support, not for general discussions" <ubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com>
> Date: Monday, January 12, 2009, 12:58 PM
> Anthony M. Rasat wrote:
> > Ioannis Vranos wrote:
> >   
> >> I want "updatedb" to run at every boot,
> instead of once a day.
> >>
> >> How may I do that?
> >>     
> >
> > Put it before "exit 0" line in
> /etc/rc.local:
> >
> > /usr/bin/updatedb
> >
> > However this would be running as root. You may wish to
> find out what disadvantage of doing so.
> >
> >
> >   
> Don't you have to run updated db as root?
See the two sentences just above your question.
The commands are running as root in rc.local.
The person, Mr. Rasat if I'm reading the listing
correctly in notifying you that there may be some
issues running as root.  However, anything in rc.local
is run as root and I have put commands there in order
to start my wifi connection to prevent having to do it
from a CLI using sudo after booting up.  I think any
danger is minimal and wouldn't worry about it on a local

> jhubbard at jhubbard-laptop:~$ which updatedb
> /usr/bin/updatedb
> jhubbard at jhubbard-laptop:~$ updatedb
> updatedb: fatal error: You are not authorized to create a
> default 
> slocate database!
> jhubbard at jhubbard-laptop:~$ sudo updatedb
> [sudo] password for jhubbard:
> {long delay}
> jhubbard at jhubbard-laptop:~$

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