Finding executable files

Gilles Gravier gilles at
Mon Jan 12 17:18:25 UTC 2009


Leonard Bussey wrote:
> Hello all,
> Where can I find where Ubuntu puts the executable file to launch an
> application.  I'm trying to set up IceWM and have to manually set up
> the menu items.  Thank You.
> -- 
> How can I fix it, if it isn't broken!
>                       Len Bussey

Using "which COMMAND" will tell you where the COMMAND is.

For example "which gnome-terminal" will return :
"/usr/bin/gnome-terminal" but this only works if the command you are
looking for is in your $PATH.

Then, if you want to find all executable binaries, just type "find
DIRECTORY -executable" and that will give you the  complete list of
executable files under DIRECTORY ...

For example "find / -executable" will give you a LOT of files... :)


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