Should I downgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 from 8.10?

Mark Kirkwood markir at
Mon Jan 12 05:16:37 UTC 2009

Samuel Rohde wrote:
> Ever since I upgraded to Ubuntu 8.10 from 8.04 I have had nothing but
> problems. Is 8.10 worth it? What should I do? What is your experience?
I run 8.10 on an Asus F3jr notebook and 8.10 server on a Supermicro 
P3tder. Both are trouble free so far. In the notebook case I find the 
wireless networking better in 8.10 than 8.04 - for instance much faster 
to re-associate after a suspend/resume. In the server case, 8.10 was 
quite a b***h to get running after installation, but now I have that 
sorted out, it is well behaved.

In the notebook case I use it for development, so it needs to work 
reliably. I guess if it had not, I would have reverted to 8.04. So in 
your case maybe stick with the release that works - after all  8.04  is 
a good release!

The server is just for learning purposes - where I work uses Debian 
servers and I had been used to Gentoo, so felt the need to increase my 
'apt-foo'! In that context the fact that it took me several days to 
debug the various boot issues connected with software raid and ramdisk 
was actually a bonus (viewed in *hindsight*, a bit frustrating at the 
time) - I learned a lot :-).

Best wishes


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