Pixart Imaging photo keychain device 093a:020f

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 12 01:29:34 UTC 2009

On 12/29/2008 11:46 PM, Thomas Kaiser wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> On 12/24/2008 04:33 PM, NoOp wrote:
>>> Anyone know how to get one of these things to mount?
>>> photoviewer USB device identified as Pixart Imaging, Inc. with
>>> identification number 093a:020f
>>> Shows up via lsusb:
>>> Bus 005 Device 002: ID 093a:020f Pixart Imaging, Inc.
>>> But beyond that nothing. Had a look here & it doesn't look too promising:
>>> http://timendus.student.utwente.nl/~fail/wiki/index.php/Photoviewer
>>> I'm wondering if perhaps it might be added to the f-spot camera
>>> definitions to have f-spot think it's a camera.
>>> Note: It's a holiday present wife bought for herself... from me of
>>> course (that's the beauty of not having to shop after many years of
>>> marriage :-), so I'm expected to add a few photos onto it so that when
>>> she opens it she'll be 'surprised'. I reckon that I can dual boot into
>>> XP to run the included mini-CD and do it in time, but figure that
>>> 'others' might also have these devices & eventually want to use
>>> linux/Ubuntu to use them. So, if anyone has gotten one to work via linux
>>> I'd appreciate knowing how to do it.
>> Nobody? I'm surprised as these things seem to be pretty common.
>> Added links:
>> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=647130
>> [Getting a digital photo album to work]
>> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1015733
>> [Tao 1.4" Digital Picture Key Chain]
> Hi NoOp
> Pixart is known to reinvent the wheel :-( I am sure they did develop 
> their own protocol to communicate with this device. May be it is the USB 
> mass storage protocol with some special Pixart addition like they did 
> with the jpeg on their webcams!?
> Pixart is not willing to share the protocol they use :-(
> So, best bet is to re-engineer a driver from the Windoz snoops.
> Regards, Thomas

Looking at the files that come on the CD I see that it's using the Mars
USB Camera Driver:




A bit more googling shows that linux has a Mars USB Camera Driver in the
kernel. And ghphoto http://www.gphoto.org/news/ shows support for MARS
USB drivers in libgphoto2 2.4.1., 2.3.0. etc. And I'm showing:
/usr/lib/libgphoto2/2.4.0/mars.so is available... unfortunately I don't
know what to do with it.

I also find the device listed here:
093a  Pixart Imaging, Inc.
	020f  Bullet Line Photo Viewer

So I'm getting closer...

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