Screensaver-discussion !

Rashkae ubuntu at
Sat Jan 10 19:05:41 UTC 2009

Hannah Josephine Dippe wrote:

> You should know that I'm an ibm-specialist for really running os like OS400
> and MVS/ESA. Linux'n windows are children-toys for me.
> Nothing but all, in the time of only 8 weeks I implemented a network 
> consists
> of a lot brand new and bad old computers under windows'n ubuntu.
> Something runs good, there was no problem, except  WLAN-configuration and
> display-resolution by older thinkpads.
> I learned that ubuntu is a little bit tricky, but understanding the spirit 
> of the open-
> source-community, it's a really great thing.
> Whish you and all the others, out there in your magic space, to touch down
> succesfully to the base of serious computing. <STS20090110>

At the risk (err, make that, almost certainty) of feeding Trolls.

See you in the bread line.

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