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> Hannah Josephine Dippe wrote:
>> please stop the discussion about sreensavers.
> I don't think you can stop any discussion on the list.
>> This is the year 2009, flatscreens don't need screensavers.
> Wrong for two reasons. a) Not everybody is using flat screens. b) Even
> flat screens need more power while they are on. You can use a screen
> saver to shut down the monitor (CRT or flat screen) via DPMS to save
> energy. Of course screen savers which display some fast moving graphics
> don't save energy but cost extra energy.
>> Since this discussion started, I got a swall of messages like ugly
>> spam.
> Spam would be unsolicited commercial mail and this is neither unsolicited
> nor commercial. After all you signed up for this high volume list.
> Nils
Hello Nils,

thanks for your answer!

This moment, I will unsubscribe!

You should know that I'm an ibm-specialist for really running os like OS400
and MVS/ESA. Linux'n windows are children-toys for me.

Nothing but all, in the time of only 8 weeks I implemented a network 
of a lot brand new and bad old computers under windows'n ubuntu.
Something runs good, there was no problem, except  WLAN-configuration and
display-resolution by older thinkpads.

I learned that ubuntu is a little bit tricky, but understanding the spirit 
of the open-
source-community, it's a really great thing.

Whish you and all the others, out there in your magic space, to touch down
succesfully to the base of serious computing. <STS20090110>

Greetings from major tom, HAL9000, finchen (scratch operator on keyboard) - 
and, last not least from me!

pwrsysdwn *immed

hannah josephine dippe

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