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Ray Parrish crp at
Sat Jan 10 06:06:40 UTC 2009

H.S. wrote:
> Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
>> Ahh Ray Parrish, you are the one that better calm down.  I've followed you
>> thread from start to finish but it's so long that I and I expect most everyone else can't remember all the things suggested and tried.  Your attitude is not one that inspires the list to help you.  And your response to the one offering a suggestion below is uncalled for even if you've tried it. You need to either grow up or turn the heat on sooner when cold weather comes so it doesn't freeze your brain.  There was no call for your response to the person trying to help you out.  Frankly, I don' t give a damn if you ever solve your screen saver issue as it's not a critical problem anyway.
> He says he has a couple of decades of experience. In all probability he
> is the type of typical "guru" bully one would find on unix related news
> groups. You know, the type who always belittles the novice user and have
> hardly anything else to say to a noobie except "RTFM". You are right, it
> is their kind's attitude. Whoever in this world is not perceived as
> smarter than them is a lower mortal to them and they think it is their
> godly duty to point out the weaknesses in those 'pathetic noobies or
> kiddies'.
> He had a choice: either to politely remark that he had already tried
> that or to be crass. He chose the latter, which, incidentally takes
> longer to communicate! Go figure.
Yes, a couple of decades of experience using DOS, and various versions 
of Windows... I've been using Ubuntu Linux now for about six months, and 
I like it, and have started using it almost exclusively, since Windows 
makes me wait so damn much when I switch programs that it makes it hard 
to get anything done. So far, Linux hasn't been doing that much.

Frankly, I was thinking you two were the "guru bullies" as you have 
contributed nothing to this thread other than off topic criticisms of my 
supposedly "rude" treatment of someone, who wasn't interested enough in 
the problem to even check out what had already been done yet. You should 
hang out in the Microsoft newsgroups for a while and get a taste of what 
"rude" really is. They are totally unmoderated, and some of the people 
on there are real trolls.

I'm trying to solve a problem here that affects all users of Ubuntu, and 
will affect the way others just coming to Linux see it as an operating 

I wasn't "rude" in the first place... I just suggested he read the whole 
thread first to see what had already been tried before offering 
suggestions, if you guys can't take that you are far too thin skinned. I 
didn't get mad until he wrote back, and tried to make out that I had 
insulted him or something for giving him a pointer on group 
participation, that I have often seen others give to thoughtless people, 
for jumping into the middle of something without checking it out first.

You two are etiquette bullies, and have done nothing to help with the 
topic of this thread.

Later, Ray Parrish

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