new router status page problem

Sylphid scott at
Sat Jan 10 03:23:12 UTC 2009

Wade Smart wrote:
> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Tony Yarusso wrote:
>>> On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 10:16 PM, Wade Smart <wadesmart at> wrote:
>>>> 20090108 2209 GMT-5
>>>> My router failed so I borrowed a Linksys with ddwrt until I get my new
>>>> one. When I had just my linksys router when I had port forwarding off it
>>>> just showed a blank page of some sort.. I dont recall now but it was
>>>> nothing to worry about. Now though, when I have port forwarding off it
>>>> shows the ddwrt status page. Im a little uneasy with all the information
>>>> it shows.
>>>> Im sure others have had this problem and have posted on the ddwrt forums
>>>>  but Im just not getting my search times right cause I cant find
>>>> anything that even sounds similar to my problem.
>>>> Are there any options?
>>> DD-WRT has an option to password-restrict the status page.
>> And restrict it to https, I believe.
> 20090109 1129 GMT-5
> It does, and I have put a password on it, but the basic status page you 
> dont need a password on. You an view quite a bit of info before actually 
> signing on to make any changes.
> Wade

Im running 24-sp1 and you can protect the info site by going to 
Administration > Management > check the "Info Site Password Protection" 
box. Dont forget that you have already authenticated so you will have to 
clear your authenticated sessions before trying again to verify that is 

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