Ubuntu 8.10 Network Manager

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Fri Jan 9 03:08:50 UTC 2009

Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Looking for some good info on the new Network Manager in Ubuntu 8.10. In
> 8.04 I had two network cards, both static, one to the outside (eth1) and
> one inside (eth0) with Firestarter. I used the gateway of eth1 from the
> provider and did not specify gateway for eth0. Now this Network Manager
> will not let me do that, it is requiring a gateway setting for both
> cards, and picks the inside gateway automatically.
> This is a problem because I have services in Firestarter on that IP :(
> Tried to google messing with nm-system-settings.conf and finally just
> disabled my outside card and put my inside on DHCP and re-routed
> services to another gateway, requiring those pesky DNS updates (-_-)
> How can my old 8.04 scenario work in 8.10?

The new network manager, in it's current incarnation, is really not for you.

I suggest using synaptic to install the gnome-network-admin package, and
uninstall network manager.

(Make sure it's in that order, else you might have difficulty
re-configuring your network to download the network-admin package)

Network manager is designed for people with zero configuration networks,
wireless, and especially for computers with dynamic network devices.
(ie, network devices, such as usb connectors, can be added or removed on
the fly while the pc is in operation.)

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