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drew einhorn wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 1:52 PM, Brother Walt Gee <brotherwalt1 at live.com>wrote:
>>  For those of used to the plethora of DSL ISP's in certain areas of the
>> United States it may be hard to understand how there may only be one ISP in
>> Las Cruces.  Well here in extreme S/E Tennessee we are also stuck with one
>> only, AT&T.  Hopefully there will be some competition soon, but as of now
>> thaqt is it and BOY OH BOY! are they raking us over the coals $39.95 a for
>> month 3.0meg DSL!
> In many areas of the US there are multiple retail DSL providers, but in most
> if not all areas of the US, there is only one wholesale DSL provider, the
> ILEC (Incumbent Local Exchage Carrier), or in older cellphone dialect the
> "wireline" telephone company.  SkyWi, formerly One Connect, formerly Zianet,
> buys wholesale DSL from Qwest and sells it to their retail customers.
> If you know of a part of the US where there are multiple wholesale DSL
> providers, please let me know.
> Qwest does not play well with other providers.
> See:NM Attorney General's Report: Small Internet Service Providers Being
> Bullied. <http://www.nmag.gov/Articles/newsArticle.aspx?ArticleID=422> Use
> Qwest as a service provider only if you have no other viable option.
    I just returned from the building that holds Zianet now in Las 
Cruces, NM. I entered the inner works and learned that Zianet and One 
Connect and SkiWi are now merged into one company called Zianet. They go 
to court next Tuesday trying to win a reduction in the cost of bytes for 

    I am an engineer and know that it is Qwest standard telephone 
devices and wires or fiber that interface between the Internet company 
and them. They charge any price they can support. I should think years 
ago the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission should be in control of 
this charge based on the Qwest explanation of what it is. I hope it 
comes as a result of the court case this next Tuesday.



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