Is there an off line version of Wikipedia?

Jason Crain jason at
Thu Jan 8 21:13:02 UTC 2009

On Thu, January 8, 2009 1:24 pm, Charlie Dorff wrote:
> Hi...
> I was wondering if there is an off line version of Wikipedia and if there
> is how do you install it? Thank you.
> Charlie

>From the wikipedia faq

Can I get Wikipedia on CD, or download it for offline use?

SOS Children have published a 2006 Wikipedia CD Selection for schools
which may be viewed at Wikipedia CD Selection and is downloadable for free
off the charity website at wikipedia cd download page.

The database can be downloaded here, but you will need to set up a web
server, PHP, MySQL and our wiki software, MediaWiki, to make use of it. A
paper or CD version of Wikipedia is currently under discussion at
Wikipedia:Pushing To 1.0.

However, several Wikipedians have made various Wikipedia databases
available in TomeRaider format for offline reading. See
Wikipedia:TomeRaider database for more details.

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