Ubuntu 8.10 Network Manager

Robert Fitzpatrick lists at webtent.net
Thu Jan 8 19:43:23 UTC 2009

Looking for some good info on the new Network Manager in Ubuntu 8.10. In
8.04 I had two network cards, both static, one to the outside (eth1) and
one inside (eth0) with Firestarter. I used the gateway of eth1 from the
provider and did not specify gateway for eth0. Now this Network Manager
will not let me do that, it is requiring a gateway setting for both
cards, and picks the inside gateway automatically.

This is a problem because I have services in Firestarter on that IP :(

Tried to google messing with nm-system-settings.conf and finally just
disabled my outside card and put my inside on DHCP and re-routed
services to another gateway, requiring those pesky DNS updates (-_-)

How can my old 8.04 scenario work in 8.10?


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