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Thu Jan 8 17:05:58 UTC 2009

On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 12:02:03PM -0500, steve wrote:
> I built a media center (myth and boxee) based on intrepid for a friends
> christmas gift this year and helped set it up last night.  Now, Ive
> never encountered anything such as this at home, and to be honest it
> stumped me, I gave up around midnight and brought the box home to test
> it today.
> setup goes like this, TW cable modem>  wireless router with 4 eth ports>
> intrepid box connected via wire.  several laptops were using wireless so
> it definately works. booted intrepid and it would not go past bringing
> up network.  checked cable, rebooted, would not go past network.

You mean the boot process gets stuck?  Weird.

Have you tried booting in rescue mode?  Does it say anything
interesting before it hangs?

Are there any network filesystems mentioned in /etc/fstab?

Is the hostname correctly mentioned in /etc/hosts?

> changed to different cable, rebooted, wont boot past network. rebooted
> router and modem. changed ports on back of router, tried all of them and
> rebooted, still no network.  plugged in via same cable with a windows
> laptop, got an ip.  I brought the box home, connected it to ethernet,
> and it booted fine.

Unless the router has a whitelist of MAC addresses?

What's the configuration like (/etc/network/interfaces) on the box?  Do
the log files say anything about DHCP, assuming you can get it to boot
enough so you can look in the log files?

> any clue before I start looking at how to find a web config for the
> router?  in my book, thats the first place to be looking, ive ruled out
> everything else? or did I?

It may be worth a try to bring up a Linux laptop and see if it connects
to the network fine.

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