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Scott sclewin at sgaming.ca
Thu Jan 8 13:44:53 UTC 2009

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> However, when I first signed up for Ubuntu Users,
> I clicked the American English list and this list url is what I got.
That is a basic language selection that, as far as I know, is 
meaningless.  Every list I know including the Canadian list haves only 
American English as its selection.  People write in whatever kind of 
English they where taught like Canadian English here which is closer to 
British English as we spell things like colour, armour, and eh! :).

> If you know
> something more than I do then please post the url, err email address
> for the American Ubuntu user list as I like to investigate it.
I'm sorry, I only was interested in the Canadian list, so that is the 
only one I noticed.  I remember seeing several other list, but never 
paid attention to them.  I'm pretty sure most countries gets their own 
list and I would hope the US would have its own list.

> BTW, in my area of southeast Texas, the closest LUG
> in in Houston, Texas and they are either inactive or dead as they do
> not answer several emails I have sent to them.
Ouch!  You are in a similar situation to me as I live in a smaller 
community, but my local LUG is very active.  Oddly enough my local LUG 
is in a city much smaller than Houston (I think) having a population of 
only 125,000.

>  Hmmm, or maybe they
> just didn't like my questions posed.-:)) Leonard Chatagnier.
I really hope not as LUGs should be a good source of information and I 
have learned a large amount from the Barrie LUG (BLUG :) ).

There was a loco team suggested for you that you should try out as well. 
  But if you are down on your luck and can't get any local help, then 
yea this list would be your only other option.

Your friend,

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