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Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 20:13:51 UTC 2009

        I am having trouble with my Internet providers. I am now today 
using the telephone company provided DSL sort of fast service. I pay the 
the telephone company (Qwest) $15.00 and the local provider SkyWi $20.00 
each month for my Internet. This has worked fine for around 5 years. But 
now SkyWi has Qwest in a legal fight that is still in court.

        Qwest in a effort to hurt SkyWi, disconnected about 10,000 SkyWi 
users from the Internet without any warning. The State of New Mexico 
Public Regulation Commission ordered Qwest to restore service asap. So 
today Jan 7 2009 we have the Internet from SkiWi and life is good. But 
clouds on the horizon.

        On Jan 13 Court will decide what to do with the current claims. 
If SkyWi looses they just agreed with Qwest to give us 10 days before 
they disconnect us again.

        So now I am looking at options. I can find my old 56k telephone 
modem and go back to Juno. I can get Qwest to just send me the Internet 
without a email server. I can use the web based internet, or the Gmail I 
am now using to send this message to the list. I can try to find another 
local Internet provider for email service.

        I am thinking I prefer Gmail to solve the email problem. Today I 
use Gmail to IMAP email to both my main computer and my laptop. A 
problem is that my wife uses WindowsXP and I am not sure Windows likes 
IMAP. For sure she will hate a new email address :-)

        The other approach will be to hire another local Internet 
provider that Qwest likes. One does exist and it can be done. I will 
explore this tomorrow.

        Does anyone on the list have other ideas? I was quite mad when 
the Internet died on the Tuesday before New Years and Qwest said they 
cant do a thing until Monday after New Years. In fact they were back up 
New Years eve at my home :-)




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