ssh public key authentication

Mark Haney mhaney at
Wed Jan 7 19:36:42 UTC 2009

Smoot Carl-Mitchell wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-01-07 at 11:13 -0500, Mark Haney wrote:
>> This bites me a lot.  Check to make sure the ~/.ssh folder is set to 600
>> permissions, including all the files in it.  If they /aren't/ set to
>> those permissions, it doesn't matter if the key is there, ssh won't
>> accept it.
> The .ssh directory can be readable by group and other and the
> authorized_keys file can also be readable and public key authentication
> will work.  If those permissions are correct, check the permissions of
> the directory path which leads to the .ssh directory.  All the ancestor
> directories must only be readable by group and other as well.

Yeah, that's true. However, being the truly paranoid that I am, I just
set the whole shooting match to 600.  But 700 is acceptable for the
directory itself.

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