Slightly different memory question

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Wed Jan 7 16:00:54 UTC 2009

Scott wrote:
> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>> So I upgraded to 2 GB and now the 
>> swap file does not need to be there. It is ever used with 2 GB of RAM.
>>     So why have 4 GB??
> For me, a couple reasons.  Like you I wanted enough RAM that the swap 
> would not need to be used which 2GB does seem good.  But, as I already 
> mentioned I knew my Video card would take a small chunk of RAM away and 
> I wanted that replaced.  My last main reason was because I planned on 
> keeping this laptop for a while and it is much more easy and cheaper (I 
> got a package deal) to get RAM now then get it when I need it down the 
> road.  Not to mention RAM is cheap I was paying only $50 a Gig before 
> the deal was added on.
> I also do have crappy old Vista on this laptop and that eats up RAM like 
> there was no tomorrow.  It uses more than 1 Gig of RAM just sitting 
> there doing nothing!  I only use Vista for a couple games that will not 
> play on Linux and they work really well with the 4Gigs of RAM.  If you 
> wonder the games are EQII, Space Empires, and Civ4.
    Yes I too have Vista on my laptop. I hated it because I wanted to 
add something and could not find "Run". After some fooling around I got 
Vista to look like Windows 3.1 and Run is right out front.

    Looks like we both got Vista because it comes with the laptop. It 
took a day or two to get 8.10 installed and now I do everything on Ubuntu.



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