Stuck at 6.06LTS and no flashplayer.(SOLUTION)

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Mon Jan 5 04:20:38 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2008-12-20 at 23:30 +0100, Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
> 2008/12/18 hermanaa <n0jnqrp at>
>         I cannot upgrade beyond Ubuntu 6.06LTS. I can live with
>         6.06LTS for now.
>          (I bring the upgrade-problem to the list later).
>         However (my re-installed) 6.06LTS has no flashplayer.

>         Flashplayer Adobe version 10 gives:
>          Error: conflict with the installed package 'xfs'.
>         With no Flashplayer, and no alternatives, I am just about
>         stuck !
>         HermanPHL
> And why don't you install Firefox 2 or Firefox 3?
> Did you check for "" in
> "/usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree"?
> In "/usr/lib/firefox/plugins/" there should be a link to it (or to
> another link to it) and maybe also in "/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/".
> Have you tried this testpage?
> J.R.

Yes, I tried the above. No luck, installation errors.

My experience is limited to synaptic and to follow
 step-by-step cmd-line instructions.

No new FireFox, no flashplayer. I got errors while
 installing a newer FireFox (see previous mail).

However I was successful in installing the OPERA browser.
 (I now have 2 browsers .... FireFox and Opera)

Following concerns Flash-Player installation IN OPERA
 (but the procedure is nearly identical for other Linux

Following Adobe information pointed me in the right

Flash Player 9 for Unsupported Operating Systems

Starting with the Adobe Flash Player 10 release, new versions of Flash
Player are no longer available for Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft
Windows ME, Macintosh OSX 10.1-10.3, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and
4 operating systems. This is due to enhancements and features added in
Flash Player 10 that cannot be supported on older operating systems.

The features added to Flash Player use the technology in the latest
operating systems for performance, functionality, and efficiency. These
subsystems are not included in the older operating systems.
Additionally, manufacturers will no longer fix issues in these operating
systems, which makes it impossible to address Flash Player issues with
root causes in the operating system.

..... we recommend installing the latest Flash Player available for your
operating system ( for Windows and Macintosh, for
Linux) to take advantage of the most recent security and stability
updates to Flash Player 9.

Adobe recommends that all Flash Player users on supported systems update
to the most recent version of the player through the Flash Player
Download Center.
Windows Flash Player 9:
Internet Explorer: Download (1.46 MB) 
Linux Flash Player 9:
All Browsers: Download (2.91 MB)

The above mentioned-file 2.91MB is
 (fun!!! -when it is your first tar.gz file to install in
 Ubuntu. We are so spoiled by Synaptic Package Manager!)

The installation is done from the command-line:

n0jn at bswim:~$ sudo tar xvf install_flash_player_9.tar.gz
n0jn at bswim:~$

sudo tar xvf .... is the extraction of the tar.gz file.

... it made a directory: install_flash_player_9_linux/

Inside the dir I found the 2 files listed.
The first one is a script that should be RUN to
 install the

.... just RUN the script: (next line)

n0jn at bswim:~/install_flash_player_9_linux$ sudo /flashplayer-installer
sudo: /flashplayer-installer: command not found
n0jn at bswim:~/install_flash_player_9_linux$ sudo ./flashplayer-installer

Copyright(C) 2002-2006 Adobe Macromedia Software LLC.  All rights

Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux

Adobe Flash Player 9 will be installed on this machine.

You are running the Adobe Flash Player installer as the "root" user.
Adobe Flash Player 9 will be installed system-wide.

Support is available at

To install Adobe Flash Player 9 now, press ENTER.

To cancel the installation at any time, press Control-C.

NOTE: Please exit any browsers you may have running.

Press ENTER to continue...

Please enter the installation path of the Mozilla, Netscape,
or Opera browser (i.e., /usr/lib/mozilla): /home/n0jn/.opera

WARNING: Please enter a valid installation path.
  (many errors here, edited out)

WARNING: /home/n0jn/install_flash_player_9_linux/~/.opera is not a

Please enter the installation path of the Mozilla, Netscape,
or Opera browser (i.e., /usr/lib/mozilla): /usr/lib/opera

----------- Install Action Summary -----------

Adobe Flash Player 9 will be installed in the following directory:

Browser installation directory = /usr/lib/opera

Proceed with the installation? (y/n/q): y

Installation complete.

Perform another installation? (y/n): n

Please log out of this session and log in for the changes to take

The Adobe Flash Player installation is complete.

n0jn at bswim:~/install_flash_player_9_linux$

Again: The above concerns Flash-Player installation IN OPERA
 (but the procedure is nearly identical for other Linux

Herman in Philippines.
 ( ... my, has this world shrunk!
 I am your neighbor now .... )

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