console-kit-daemon error messages in daemon.log?

Knute Johnson knute2009 at
Wed Jan 7 01:14:57 UTC 2009

NoOp wrote:
> On 01/06/2009 12:09 PM, Knute Johnson wrote:
>> I'm getting a lot of the messages below in my daemon.log.  The is on an 
>> 8.10 server setup.  I'm not really clear what console-kit does and if I 
>> really need it.  Any information on the error and what it really does 
>> would be greatly appreciated.
>> Jan  6 00:17:01 ljr-3 console-kit-daemon[23116]: CRITICAL: cannot 
>> initialize libpolkit
>> Jan  6 00:20:01 ljr-3 console-kit-daemon[23194]: WARNING: Failed to 
>> acquire org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit
>> Jan  6 00:20:01 ljr-3 console-kit-daemon[23194]: WARNING: Could not 
>> acquire name; bailing out
>> Thanks,
> Perhaps this one is more appropriate:
> [libpolkit requires files from policykit for polkit_context_init to work]
> More:
> <>


The latter seems to be my specific problem.  I tried installing 
policykit and that clears up the error message and allows 
console-kit-daemon to run.

So the question now is do I really need console-kit and dbus for a 
server installation?  I'm not sure what they provide and what services I 
will really lose if I remove them.  Any enlightenment in this area would 
be greatly appreciated.



Knute Johnson
knute2009 at

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