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Paras pradhan wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 8:36 AM, Rashkae <ubuntu at> wrote:
>> Paras pradhan wrote:
>>> Is there anything I can do to use full 4 GB of RAM instead of 3.24 GB
>>> when using 8.10 64 bit?. My machine is Dell 640m Laptop with A10 bios.
>>> Any one full utilizing 4 GB?
>>> Thanks
>>> Paras.
>> Your notebook comes with an Intel graphics chip that does not have
>> dedicated video ram.  That means that the system is using some of your
>> system ram as Video ram, and that memory will never be available to the
>> Operating system.
>> You should be able to reduced the amount of reserved memory in your
>> BIOS, but you always need some.
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> My dell 640m's bios dedicated 8MB to video which is not changeable
> (strange) . In memory section, it says Memory install = 4096 and
> Memory available = 3312.
> This means I will not be able to use full 4 GB in this bios?

I am not really knowledgeable about your BIOS. However, the 8MB 
mentioned is almost certainly the prehistoric standard memory IO range. 
This would only change if you had two video cards running. The shared 
memory area you are looking for is much larger, like 64MB to 512MB or 
so. It must be there somewhere in your BIOS. This much larger memory 
range is used shared between CPU and Video CPU, such that one don't have 
to transfer the long and slooow way through IO-port/8MB road.
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