Copy upgrade packages to another machine.

James Cummings james+ubuntu at
Mon Jan 5 03:37:44 UTC 2009


I'm upgrading my parent's desktop machine from hardy heron to intrepid
ibex.  Their connectivity is so poor that it is going to take
something like 15 hours.  They also have a laptop they want to
upgrade.  I've already started the upgrade off on the first machine,
and then will do the laptop. My question is whether it is possible to
copy the *.deb files in /var/cache/apt/archives to the same place on
the laptop, and so not have to download them a second time.  I looked
briefly at apt-cacher but it seemed quite complicated to set up,
especially for a version upgrade.  An alternative would be if I could
burn a DVD of the packages and somehow indicate it was the preferred
source rather than the net for the upgrade?

Any suggestions appreciated.


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