Processor Scaling

Derek Broughton derek at
Mon Jan 5 03:47:21 UTC 2009

Markus Hitter wrote:

> Am 03.01.2009 um 06:32 schrieb Ray Parrish:
>> When it comes to the computer however, I'm not worried about the
>> cpu which uses about 10% of the power one of my light bulbs use.
> You have interesting light bulbs, then. Commodity desktop PCs take at
> least 100 Watts. High performance PCs can take 500 Watts or more.

No, he's talking about the CPU itself, not the whole machine, but you still have a point.  A significant part of the power used by a PC is spent running 
the fans, so just because the CPU is only using 10W (or whatever) doesn't 
mean that your actual power consumption is 10W.  And the more power your CPU is drawing, the more often the fan has to run.

> Fixing things helps millions of others as well, so there can be a
> really noticeable power saving.


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