Processor Scaling

Markus Hitter mah at
Sun Jan 4 13:45:00 UTC 2009

Am 03.01.2009 um 06:32 schrieb Ray Parrish:

> When it comes to the computer however, I'm not worried about the  
> cpu which uses about 10% of the power one of my light bulbs use.

You have interesting light bulbs, then. Commodity desktop PCs take at  
least 100 Watts. High performance PCs can take 500 Watts or more.

Independently from your light bulbs however, there's really no reason  
to run a higher clock frequency while the PC is idle. Actually, if  
you even notice a difference between higher frequency on demand and  
higher frequency all the time there's likely something wrong with  
frequency ramping and you should fix this instead of letting your  
processor run in circles 2000 million times a second all the time.

Fixing things helps millions of others as well, so there can be a  
really noticeable power saving.


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