Processor Scaling

Derek Broughton derek at
Sat Jan 3 17:54:11 UTC 2009

Rashkae wrote:

> Ray Parrish wrote:
>> Someone else in this thread expressed concern over cpu temperature. I
>> just finished a four hour virus scan of my Windows drive, and during the
>> entire scan the cpu stayed at 107 F, and now is at 104 F, and it never
>> seems to get any hotter than that.
> The difference in Power from CPU running idle at full Mhz and running
> idle at half Mhz (ie, with CPU scaling enabled) should be in the
> neighborhood of 5 to 10 watts.  Significant only if multiplied by dozens
> or hundreds of computers.

But of course it isn't multiplied by dozens or hundreds - it's multiplied by 
many MILLIONS.  And as anyone who has lived in an off-grid home can attest, 5 
or 10 watts matters.

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