Internet Explorer

Gilles Gravier gilles at
Sat Jan 3 16:30:25 UTC 2009


Tab Gilbert wrote:
>        Yes in Google ask for Calorie Counter and choose the first page
>     shown.
>     Karl
> That should be iGoogle should it not?  I added the Calorie Counter to
> the iGoogle page and now I can not delete it.  There appears to be no
> save button.  Delete, refresh and it pops back up again.  I can add
> but I can not delete.  It is not a new problem either.  One of the
> reasons I ignored iGoogle after playing with it a few months ago. 
> Same problem then and same problem now.
Just tried it on my iGoogle account. Go to Add Stuff. Enter "Calorie
Counter"... added Calorie Counter 2.0.

Went back to my iGoogle page. It was there. So far... good.

Then in the Calorie Counter window, top right, I brought the pull down
menu and selected "Delete this gadget" and it was removed.

No problem here. Did I install a different Calorie Counter than you have
tried with?


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