Which ones are the viruses?

Justin Gruenberg justin.gruenberg at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 05:35:29 UTC 2009

Deleting pagefile.sys can't be good advice. That's the windows swap
file or the equivalent of the swap partition on linux.

If the zip files are in your user directory, you're probably safe to
delete them.

Either way, this is a ubuntu mailing list and probably not the best
place to ask windows questions.

On 1/3/09, Ray Parrish <crp at cmc.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been scanning my Windows drive to get rid of infections I picked up
> while unwisely participating in online surveys which paid me for my
> participation. I recently discovered through the use of a hosts file
> that these survey servers were serving trojans with the surveys.
> Now I'm trying to clean things up with calmav from within Ubuntu so the
> viruses aren't running while I'm scanning. Yesterday I ran a scan that
> took 5 hours, but unfortunately had set the options to "show all files"
> which output every file scanned to the output window of the virus
> scanner. When it was done I couldn't scroll through the 80,000 files
> scanned to find the infected ones, except for the one show last which
> was infected with Trojan CMOS Killer. It was in pagefile.sys and I had
> clamav delete it.
> Today I re-ran the scan, and it found 10 viruses, unfortunately I can't
> tell which ones it thinks are the viruses, as it output many files
> withother things wrong with them. Some say "broken executable",
> "oversized zip", "encrypted zip", and "Input/Output error". There are
> two phishing emails detected which I already knew about and forwarded to
> the institutions that they purported to be from to alert them.
> However, none of them explicitly say they are viruses... so which ten
> are the viruses? I do note that there are ten encrypted zips, but then
> there are the two phishing emails, and that adds up to 12. Also, the ten
> encrypted zips are in my i386 folders which are the on disk installation
> back up for Win XP.
> Anybody have more experience with clamav? Someone who can tell which
> files to delete?
> Thanks, Ray Parrish
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