Recommend a dual head video card

Robert Fitzpatrick lists at
Fri Jan 2 16:19:56 UTC 2009

On Fri, 2009-01-02 at 15:38 +1300, Tim wrote: 
> Is the X server using the proprietary nvidia driver or the open-source
> one (nv)? You can tell because the proprietary driver will flash the
> NVIDIA logo as X starts.  The open-source driver may not support
> non-vesa resolutions properly.
> Are you using the nvidia-settings tool to configure X?  That should
> recognise the native resolutions of most monitors (especially newer
> flat-panel models), and set up the X configuration appropriately.

Yes, I have used this approach every time, however, I started from
scratch after your confirmation. As usual, everything works fine,
without the high cpu usage, after getting back to lowest resolution,
640x480 on both monitors. As soon as I set my new widescreen to
1440x900, the problems starts again. So, I took a step further this time
and disabled by old LCD 4:3 monitor and it works fine. So, I guess my
problem is using two different resolutions. Are you, or anyone, using
dual resolutions as well as dual monitors? I guess my only option is to
get a new second monitor that supports my preferred resolution of
1440x900? For me, after using dual monitors for years, one monitor is
not an option, even with widescreen :)

Thanks for your response.


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