[OT]Gmail change?

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Wed Feb 25 14:59:50 UTC 2009

Lucio M Nicolosi wrote:

> Of the 86 (up to this moment) posts under the utmost important topic
> "Why do people detest top posting so much?" only 9 went OT, only 2
> yours.

I beg to differ, but...

> And they say this is the "Ubuntu user technical support, not for 
> general discussions" and you dare to bash newbies when they ask for the
> rules to be followed? What kind of regular volunteering is this?

Rule # 1, there are no rules.

Yes, I dare to object to people objecting to _any_ posts, because it ONLY
adds to the noise ratio.  Complaining about posts, as in this case, is a
purely futile exercise.

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