System crashes at random intervals.

NoOp glgxg at
Wed Feb 18 03:42:45 UTC 2009

On 02/16/2009 09:09 AM, Liam Wilson wrote:
> Hey, I've been using Ubuntu for some time now, (Since Gutsy) and I'm
> currently running 8.04.2, and I used to run it under a dual-boot with
> windows XP, but after my hard drive failed, I nuked it and Put Ubuntu on
> it as my only OS. One problem I have had, and am still having, is that
> it freezes at random intervals, mostly when the mouse is used. (Never
> whilst typing though). What happens is that the mouse and keyboard don't
> respond, the sound sticks, and there is no activity on the screen. It
> just hangs there. I read on the Ubuntu forums that it is usually a
> problem with X, so I followed this [1] guide, but to no avail, it still
> occurs. Please find attached a copy of the output from  
> 'lshw -short',
> 'etc/X11/xorg.conf', and
> 'top'
> Any help would be greatly appreciated, as it's a real problem now, not
> just for me, but for all users of this computer. It never happened in
> windows;
> Thanks in advance, 
> Liam Wilson
> [1]

Could this be related to your other post regarding the numbers

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