Growing a hard disk image on vBox 2.1.2

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Wed Feb 11 19:55:12 UTC 2009

I ran into a similar problem w/ XP a few weeks ago. 
Here's the solution. 

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I have a 60gb hard disk image win2KOEM.vdi. I'm on Ubuntu Intrepid 
8.10 64bit w/4gb RAM. I'm running vBox 2.1.2 with 1024MB RAM assigned 
and 128MB assigned for video. I need more storage space than I 
originally anticipated within the virtual. I already have several 
attached networked linux folders, but I want to grow my virtual from 
60gb to 80gb for data that should remain in the WIndows vdi. What is 
the proper way to do this so I don't lose any of this data? 
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