Problem with Ubuntu Installation...

ac "aec$news" at
Sat Feb 7 20:03:44 UTC 2009

Mark Hyd wrote:
> Hi there! I’ve just downloaded the UBUNTU 8.10 DESKTOP EDITION ISO IMAGE and
> have burned it to CD.
> I choose the option to install Ubuntu inside Windows, so that I can run both
> OS’s without having to have a second partition. 
> Ubuntu installs, and I put in my user name and password. I press ENTER, the
> screen shows the coloured background, and doesn’t load any further, no
> matter how long I wait for. In the end, I have to turn my PC off at the wall
> because it’s no longer responding, AND Ubuntu hasn’t loaded up at all. What
> could be the problem? My computer has got enough RAM and hard disk space.

After the initial install activity, it is necessary to restart, and 
when doing this obviously choose ubuntu at restart, then a lot more 
tidying up occurs, and you will also find that updates are available, 
accept them for download. If a kernel (linux image) is included - as 
it might be for the first set of updates, then a restart is also required.

If you have completed all that, and find it still does not complete 
running up, then I would guess that the CD itself was worth checking - 
in the target pc if possible.

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