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Wed Feb 4 15:27:23 UTC 2009

Charlie Dorff wrote:
> Hi...
> I was thinking about purchasing an Eee PC. What is the best way of installing UBuntu on a computer this small. Should I use a CD like I do with my desktop PC. Also, which version of Ubuntu do I download? I have not bought my Eee PC yet so I am trying to get my questions answered before I buy it. Thank you.
> Charlie
I would suggest that you go to the eee pc website and check out what 
they say about it. They don't say but it does not have an internal 
optical drive and that may affect your decision. It does have a number 
of appealing features.

Here is info from a wiki:

This may be more than you want to know but I found this on another 
mailing list:

Install regular Ubuntu:,1000000567,10006278o-2000331777b,00.htm
Comments: The above instructions have a lot of customizing and
loading of drivers.  That concerns me.  On the other hand, this
looks like the option it will be easiest to get online help for.

Install something called "Ubuntu Netbook Remix":
Comments: Better, but the "not a straightforward process with
a lot of manual adjustments that had to be applied" and
"recommended for experienced users with some coding experience
only" bits concern me.

Install Easy Peasy (formerly Ubuntu Eee):
Comments: Looks really good. Better than eeXubuntu? Better than 

Install eeeXubuntu:
Comments: Looks really good. Better than Easy Peasy? Better than 

Install Crunchee / Crunchbang:
Comments: Looks really good. Better than eeXubuntu? Better than Easy Peasy?


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