Gnome users who have tried KDE: convince me!

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Thu Dec 31 11:17:46 UTC 2009

2009/12/31 marc <gmane at>:
> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> In this whole thread I haven't seen a single Gnome feature mentioned
>> that does not have a KDE counterpart. It seems that the only reason
>> people like Gnome is because "it is not Windows" and these people
>> avoid KDE because "it is similar to Windows". Being unfamiliar with
>> Windows, this does not bother me.
> I've never understood this meme. You can make gnome look like windows
> and kde look like a mac; kde is nothing like windows, and certainly no
> more than gnome.
>> Does Gnome not have any merits of it's own?
> In a way, it's an odd question, because, as you know, you can run apps
> from either in both. Although some don't work very well.
> That said, I find gnome Do reason enough too use gnome, and the whole
> compiz thing is a lot more stable than kde, but perhaps kde has
> stabilized since the kde4 mess.
> I initially used kde over gnome because it provided more flexibility and
> was far less limiting than gnome. That all changed with kde4 when very,
> very basic things broke and I had endless kde-related display issues. I
> filed bugs, chased and chased them, but things moved far too slowly -- I
> still receive updates to some of those bugs many of which are
> still unresolved.
> I was seriously considering a move to a mac (I also tried all the other
> usual Linux candidates) when I found gnome Do. This app masks and
> counters most of gnome's inflexibility, imo, and made gnome usable.
> Unfortunately, gnome Do doesn't, or didn't, work in kde.
> As it stands, I see no compelling reason to go back to kde; gnome just
> works, at least, for now.

Thanks, Marc. Gnome-do does work in KDE, I have tried it.

I wasn't really asking about the apps, but rather about the desktop
environment itself. My issue with KDE is similar to yours.

Dotan Cohen

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