please could you help me to download some of my right software for Ubuntu.

Tim Tebbit ttebbit at
Fri Aug 21 11:59:48 UTC 2009

Andrew Farris wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-08-21 at 11:49 +0200, Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
> [snip]
>> I just wonder, if you download ALL the Ubuntu packages available in
>> the Ubuntu default repositories, how much would that be? Are we
>> talking about GB, TB or what? If it's only a few GB, someone could put
>> them all on a DVD, and then synaptic could use that DVD as its
>> repository, I think…
>> But maybe it would be way too much to fit on one DVD.
> Defnitely more than 1 DVD worth. Last time i remember checking (don't
> quote me on this though) I think the repos were around 45GB.

Debian has blu-ray images available.

Debian project leader Steve McIntyre, on the developer mailing list, 
describes the version as including the "biggest change" in recent 
history. Because a standard Blu-ray disk holds up to 25 Gbytes of data, 
McIntyre continues, "for the first time in several years, users should 
be able to fit all of the packages for one architecture on a single 
disc. Woo!"

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