Logitech: We don't have any mouse that works with Ubuntu

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Thu Apr 30 23:58:12 UTC 2009

Ruben Varela wrote:

> That's seems odd... I have a Logitech TrackMan Wheel. It works great
> with Ubuntu. I've never had a problem
> Maybe what they're trying to say is that they don't have any support
> for it or that they can't guarantee that it'll work with Ubuntu...

No, it's a particular sales rep who is saying (possibly with the full 
support of the company) that their products _don't_ work with Linux - 
because basically he doesn't want to go to the hassle of checking.  I say 
"possibly with ... support" because it actually makes some business sense 
for Logitech to explicitly deny support to avoid the hassle of supporting a 
small portion of the market.  And it will continue to make business sense to 
them until Linux users make it clear that the attitude costs them.

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