booting ubuntu without a monitor

NoOp glgxg at
Thu Apr 30 22:06:52 UTC 2009

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On 04/30/2009 02:18 PM, Councill, David wrote:
> I am still working on it. But both answers helped or at least allowed me
> to try more things. Maybe I should explain again. I set up Ubuntu on a
> computer that I want to use headless remotely for monitoring purposes so
> it will be booted up without a monitor. It was running on XP and I
> wanted to switch to Ubuntu or Debian. So I set up everything, tested the
> vnc, and all was well until I booted without the monitor. The vnc could
> not connect. So I had to hook the monitor back up and that's where I see
> the low graphic mode that has to be acknowledged. A google search showed
> many have encountered this problem but the only two answers I found did
> not work.
> In short, I want a headless remote computer - no monitor, mouse, or
> keyboard. I need to be able to access it remotely but the programs I
> need to run require a GUI.
> So far -
> Ubuntu 8 - will not boot up without a monitor, stopping kdm allows it to
> boot to a command line, vnc and ssh can access it BUT X cannot be
> started and no GUI available with vnc. Hooking a monitor up I can
> acknowledge the prompt and get booted in.  
> Ubuntu 9 - same except the low graphics mode no longer allows the user
> to bypass and login, restart is required.

I boot my test systems all of the time without keyboard, mouse, or
monitor & then VNC amongst the machines (Hardy, Intrepid & Jaunty) to do
testing. In order to do that I have autologin enabled:
System|Administration|Security|Enable Automatic Login - checked. Give
that a try & post back (bottom post please :-) the results.

Note: there are other methods (Secure Remote Connection etc), but
autologin is probably the easiest.

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