remove this insane clown from the list.

H.S. hs.samix at
Thu Apr 30 21:20:45 UTC 2009


Jaspreet Singh wrote:
> Man, why r u sending this digest junk, admin/mods pls kick em off the list
> so we don't have to tolerate this non-sense.

er ... what exactly are you referring to?

BTW, I will grab this opportunity to volunteer some advice. It is not a
good idea to use short forms like r, u, 4, b4, etc. on mailing lists.
These kind of forms are useful in IMs where typing austerity is desired.
But in mailing lists, there is usually no such need. Moreover, these
kind of forms actually make it difficult to comprehend the message and
impede the flow of reading. Finally, IMHO, many users are inclined to
not take such messages with seriousness, the message appears immature
and even childish.

Please see the following web page, it has some very good tips about
online communication.

Warm regards.


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