Can my computer support two OS's?

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Thu Apr 30 15:44:43 UTC 2009


> The latest Ubuntu release include a new installation option that I find
> very very nice. It give the option to install Ubuntu into a folder on
> your windows system, without the need to repartition the drive. Note you
> still have to choose which OS to boot into when you turn your machine on
> (and Ubuntu is still running natively, not a VM or anything).
> See
> for details.
> Just boot your machine up (windows) and still in your ubuntu CD. This
> should autorun the program and just follow the instructions from there
> on. Very very easy.
> Chris
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'm running Wubi Ubuntu on two Windows XP machines without any problem.  The
really nice thing is that if you have any problems, you can just use the
windows regular delete function just like you would for any piece of
software.If you don't have 9.04 install disk, Wubi can be downloaded without
any problem other than the time it takes to actually get the download.  If
you're using 8.19, also be prepared to take some time to install the
updates.  The last Wubi installatiion on an XP machine that I did had over
200 updates to download.  That, too, is very simple to do.  Click on the
icon, enter your password, and let it do its thing.

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