8.04 update files

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 11:45:44 UTC 2009

Chris Jones wrote:
>>     Yes it appears that man apt-get does not give any details. It does 
>> appear that apt-get update uses /etc/apt/sources.list to tell it which 
>> apt sources to check. And I found the bad entry and commented it out. 
>> That fixed the CD-Rom problem.
> The entries are not 'bad' - The messages you where seeing where trying 
> to tell you (not so clearly I admit) "I need access to your installation 
> CD to complete this command. Please insert that CD and try again"
> If you rerun your update command, with those lines in *and* the CD in 
> your machine, then it would run just fine.
> ( Actually, I suspect had you done this from the GUI instead of the 
> command line then the error messages would have been clearer )
> cheers Chris
    What happened was I think things out of my control and one I think 
was done by me. The man page was clear but in-complete and I didn't put 
the file /etc/apt/sources.list in the equation at first. It was just not 

    But when there I found the reference to a cd-rom and commented it 
out. It was added by something unknown.

    Then the PGP key from google was fixed. I never liked these keys.

    But the Update Manager was still broken. It came up with an error 
that it could not find /home/ben/. I looked and it was not there! I had 
erased it for some reason. Or the "system" did. So I made a new 
/home/ben/ directory and now everything appears to work.

    Fixed a lot of problems this morning.


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